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Many Faces of Israel

Bedouin in Israel
Israel’s Bedouin citizens – a minority within the Arab minority – have in recent years received increased attention, both from the media and from government institutions.The process of integrating the Bedouin into Israeli society takes place on two levels – the formal, i.e., by government policy; and the informal, i.e., by changing relationships with Israeli society in general and Jewish society in particular. Read More


First Female Bedouin Doctor Graduates Ben Gurion University
Introducing Israel's first Bedouin woman doctor Dr. Rania Okabi who graduated from Ben Gurion medicine school Wednesday, is the first woman physician in her community. While proud to set an example for younger girls, she also worries her profession may reduce her chances of finding a husband  Read More


Vietnamese Boat People
In April 1975, North Vietnamese totalitarian communists defeated the South Vietnam regime and the United States army. Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese secretly fled South Vietnam to escape communist persecution and torture. Many escaped in small, unreliable boats and faced harsh weather and threats from pirates as they were turned away by neighboring local authorities. More and more Vietnamese began escaping.  Read More


Chinese Restaurant in Haifa, Israel Vietnamese Boat People
Watch this video to learn more about the Chinese-Vietnamese who immigrated to Israel. Read More


Yemenite Jews- Operartion Magic Carpet and Alaska Airlines
Golden Anniversary: Alaska Airlines helped roll out a Magic Carpet to IsraelWhen Alaska Airlines sent them on "Operation Magic Carpet" 50 years ago, Warren and Marian Metzger didn't realize they were embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. Read More


Iraqi Jews are an Ancient Community
The Iraq Jews are one of the world’s oldest Jewish communities who can document their history from the time of the Babylonian exile in 586 BCE.  Read More


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Instructions to Students:
Read the articles above and watch the videos on some of the diverse people that live in Israel.

1. List two reasons why people immigrate to Israel.

2. What do you think the life was like for Jews in Iraq? How do you think this community survived for so long?

3. Why is it important that Israel set up a program to graduate female Bedouin doctors?

4. What do you find most interesting about the story of the Vietnamese Boat people who came to Israel? The Chinese Restaurant in Haifa?

5. Why was Operation Magic Carpet necessary? Describe the brave efforts of its pilot.